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Father's Day Top 7 Gifts for Assisted Living Dads

Father's Day is a special time of the year. It is a chance to share memories and to spend time with Dad for all the years he was there for you. Dads that are in assisted living arrangements can enjoy father's day tremendously. Here are some gift ideas to help make the day special.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #1: Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers make a great father's day gift for assisted living Dads because they never need watering and they never die. They will brighten up rooms or apartments without taking up a whole lot of space. Some facilities do not allow live flowers so artificial flowers are a nice substitute. Flowers are not just for women.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #2: Large Print Reading Books

Large print reading books are a wonderful father's day gift for assisted living Dads because they will be easier to read then traditional size print. Give Dad books that are in his favorite genres. On rainy days, slow activity days or nights that he has difficulty sleeping the books will help to pass away the hours. Sign each book with your name and a special note to Dad.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #3: Large Print Puzzle Books

Word searches, Sudoku, cross word puzzles and dot to dot are popular puzzle books for all ages. Even though activity directors try to keep out activities for residents at night, it is nice for Dad to have his own set of books. Large print puzzle books are a fun Father's Day gift that any Dad is sure to enjoy.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #4: Non-breakable Magnifying Glass

As we get older the print on items can be hard to read. Get Dad a non-breakable magnifying glass that he can use to read the local newspaper, activity calendar and cards that people send to him. This will allow him to enjoy reading material without having to have the help of staff members.

Father's DayGift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #5: Toiletries
Travel size bottle toiletries make a great Father's Day gift. It is important to make sure that the bottle tops are easy to grip and open if Dad has limited movement in his hands. Also, find out his favorite scents. Dad might not like musk anymore! Travel size Kleenex and eye glass wipes always come in handy for Dads of all ages.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #6: Sketch Pad and Markers

Many of the men in the assisted living facility that I worked at loved to doodle. Sketch pads and markers were treasured items. Even Dads that didn't consider themselves to be artists or able to draw liked to doodle and make designs while watching television or listening to the radio.

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Assisted Living Dads #7: Plastic Water Bottle with Straw

It is important for everyone to be encouraged to drink. Dad will enjoy having his own plastic water bottle with a drinking straw. He can easily drink from it. It gets tiring drinking from the same plastic glasses and Styrofoam cups that many of the assisted living facilities have for residents. Now Dad can have his water bottle filled with ice and water to enjoy while relaxing in his room or late in the night if he wakes up thirsty.

From: SkyeDanzer

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