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Pictures of Taiwan people celebrating Lantern Festival 2009

The Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar. It is first night in the year to see full moon. First month is called yuan month. It is also celebrated in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other Asian culture.

In Taiwan 2009 Lantern Festival will be held from February 6 to 15th at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial and the Taipei City Hall. The virtual lantern was created by a team of international and domestic artists and designers. It can be seen on the front wall of the Taipei City Hall

These 10 days of celebration have colorful bright and shining lanterns show in many streets.
Taipei City Government selected eight local artists, the famous Pani projection & lighting company to create a never before experience in the festival. Also Latest technology and art installations going to be used to celebrate the traditional lantern festival.

In ancient times, the lanterns were simple, only the emperor and reputed people had large ones. During modern days lanterns are made with high technology and creativity. Some lanterns are also shaped in dragon and other complex model.

From: 24timepass.com 2009-1-27

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