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Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse

1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

The Horse Sign is seen as the most 'free-spirited'. Sharp, charming, and cheerful, the Horse is an extremely likable character. Horses are quick-witted, independent, and determined. They are gifted in talents and love to be in the center of the stage. There are contradictions in the character of the Sign of Horse, though. Horses are proud yet sweet-natured, conceited yet humble, envious yet tolerant, and arrogant yet modest in their approaches in many aspects of life.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse - Characteristics

People born in the Year of the Horse are highly intelligent, independent, confident, and energetic. They are high spirited, very loyal and hard working. They are also very devoted to their work and family. They feel comfortable taking calculated risks in business and will usually achieve great success. They need a partner who can take good care of them, yet allow them to pursue their adventures freely. Horses are very good at recognizing patterns of things. They are very smart and often on to the thought of the other's mind even before the other has the chance to express it.

Horses are born to lead and proud to achieve. They are very intelligent, sharp, logical, graceful, and hard working. They can grasp new subjects quickly and are capable of multi-tasking. Horses are perceptive , quick thinking and able to react to the others in a flexible manner, thus they can talk with charm. Horses are fashionable and appealed to the opposite sex. Horses love to be in the group and lead, for he has the power to sway the crowd.

Horses are gifted with many talents. They work hard to sharpen their skills and don't hesitate to pursue their ambitions. Being free-spirited and active, Horses love to race and travel. They have a tendency to leave home young. They are pleasant, cheerful, and blessed with good humor, thus they are usually very popular and have a large crowd of following friends. Horses have the ability to acquire a leading position in groups, and earn respect from others. Though hot-blooded, they could tolerate things in order to achieve their goals.

Horses are independent, self-confident, and resourceful. They approach their goal with determination and enthusiasm. They are alerted, and usually have good insides and instincts to make accurate judgments and right decisions quickly. They have creative new ideas to resolve difficult problems. Horses are good with their hands and able to use them to express their artistic mind, so they are often excellent artists and craftsmen. With their many talents and desire of speed, Horses are efficient in many aspects of their life. They have the ability to achieve great success financially but generally not selfish about the material matters. They are full of love and willing to give up everything for it.

Horses crave for love and intimacy, a double-edged sword since it often leads to feeling trapped, cornered, and pressured. They tend to fall fast and hard for their partners and give themselves fully in the new relationship. However, they might lose interest suddenly in their love affairs and determine to start again. Women horses are said to have difficulties making themselves good wives. Focusing on their careers and keeping them busy will help Horses to avoid falling in and out love. As they grow older, they become more stable, and relationships grow stronger as well.

Horses are extroverted. They need to be surrounded by people who approve of them and flatter them, so ideal partners need to understand this need and give them room to be. Good partners for Horses also need to be more reserved and able to give special cares to details.

From: All China

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