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Moldova Teacher's Day - September 10th

The Moldova Teacher’s Day is not as big as other countries in Europe when it comes to preparation. The Republic of Moldova is only a small country in the Eastern part of Europe with a total population of only 4,320,490 based on census 2007 estimate. The country is celebrating its national teacher’s day every 10th of September. There is not much of significance of the date but it said that the one who planned for 10th of September teacher appreciation day was the former communist regime. It still is the date today - as there is also no proposal yet to change the date.

The usual teacher’s day celebration in the country is just like any other small countries of the world with their traditional giving of love cards to their teachers. Students usually design and make their personalized card and give to their favourite teachers. Though very traditional but teachers are also saying they would always love to read messages from their students especially on teacher appreciation day. They said the pieces of students were very encouraging.

In other schools across the country they always managed to give small parties to the teachers as well as hand them down special awards and citations. Teachers during the party are treated to a sumptuous dinner with Moldova’s discriminating taste Romans-inspired cuisine and other gastronomy preparation. Moldovans are partly influence by Romanian culture and the country is located between Romania and Ukraine.

Among other activities in the country during teacher appreciation day include sports events among teachers. Teachers in competing schools play basketball, volleyball and other native games of the country. In most government schools students celebrate the teacher’s day with entertainment activities such as dramatization, ethnic and modern dancing and all other forms of entertainment.

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