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2007 Customer's Speak
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2007/12/25,  Edw...
Dear Annie, I am sorry i was out of reach when you tried to contact me, I was traveling during this time, but was able to contact my girlfriend and she told me the flowers had been delivered and she loved them. Thank you so much for your great and excellent service I will be sure to use your service again in the future. Eddie
2007/12/21,  kev...
Hello Anny's Flowers, Thank you for your prompt service in the delivery of order# 30030.. The flowers were beautiful and everybody is happy..:)) Thank You.. Kevin O'Leary..
2007/12/20,  joh...
Thank you so much for your prompt service I will be back John Dixon
2007/12/20,  T L...
Dear Annie Flowers, I have used you guys to deliver flowers and other special items to my girlfriend and she loves the service and presentation quality that you put together for each and every single order. I just want to THANK YOU to your company and your staff for this and have recommended your company to others as well. You will see more orders from me and thanks again for making her happy. Regards, T
2007/12/19,  ken...
i want to thank you for your service for the last 2 yrs. it has been oustanding service. every delivery has been delivered on time, and i will continue to use your service to send my beautiful fiance flowers, gifts and i want to wish you merry christmas, chinese new year thank warm regards, and love to all kenny
2007/11/27,  Lim...
Hi there, Thank you very much for the very good service rendered. I ordered flowers the day before from Annieflower (OrderID: 29164) and had them delivered to my wife in Beijing yesterday (I am in Singapore). It was for our wedding anniversary. You delivered the flowers on time and sent exactly what I wanted. The flowers made my wife very happy. I will definitely be using your services again and would highly recommend it to anyone if they want to send flowers to China. Thank you very much.
2007/11/25,  p. ...
thank you for your good work. she was very happy with the flowers
2007/11/19,  CHO...
thank you for having issue the flower. She was really happy. Thanks you so much. M CHOURP
2007/11/17,  Chr...
I have used your service several times. You have been absolutely outstanding! Great service, and wonderful flowers. You have made me look like a hero every time. Thank you so much! Chris
2007/11/12,  Hel...
I would just like to say thank you for your fantastic service. Andy was really happy to receive the wine, chocolates and rose.Thank you for a very professional job well done.
2007/11/5,  Rui...
Hi, I'm very pleased with your service. Delivery time couldn't be better than it was. Thank you very much
2007/10/22,  Jef...
AnnieFlowers and Jane! Thank you so much for helping me. Shiling got the flowers and is delighted. Xie xie!!
2007/10/18,  Bru...
thanks so much... she got them... you folks a super. I was online when a school worker came up with the delivery person. I has made Ms. Lunario very happy
2007/10/15,  Kri...
I just wanted to send short note to thank you for your great service and delivery,this is the 2nd time i've used your service and once again everything was perfect...Thank you and always best wishes for annyflower and all staff. Kris Miller
2007/10/13,  Dav...
I just want to give you a huge thank you for order 27731. I am very pleased with your service! I just saw the flowers on webcam, and they are beautiful!
2007/10/8,  Adi...
Thank you guys again for such quick delivery even when it was very late in the afternoon. keep up the Great WORK!!! 5 Star Service.
2007/9/22,  bru...
This is just a short note to thank you for delivering the flowers I ordered. I have placed several orders with you now, and even though I live some distance away, I never fail to be impressed by the speed and efficiency of your service. Thank you very much With regards Bruce
2007/9/20,  Dah...
Hallo Jane, my sweetheart was pleased very much about the beautiful roses. Thanks for the punctual distribution. I would not have thought that it is so easy to send flowers from Germany to China, and at really a favourable price. Thank you, warm regards Uwe
2007/9/16,  Jul...
To The Management & Staff of Annie Flowers I wish to place on record my sincere appreciation for the professional way you have handled all the orders I have placed. Your service has been very precise and professionally done. And your prompt replies keep us informed of the status of the order. I am so very pleased to say that you have carried our thoughts of love and affection to our loved ones so gracefully and on time.. Thank you and Good Luck... May you have more clients and your business grow. I will for sure tell everyone.... if it to say with flowers....Call Annie Flowers.. Julius
2007/9/11,  Bur...
Many thanks for correcting the error on delivery day by sending nice flowers too! You always take such great care of my gift needs to many friends - I thank you - Xie Xie Ni ! Happy customer Boling/Burt
2007/9/7,  Mic...
thanks very much for your quickly response, you have a great service indeed, although I'm living far away, I've seen your nice flowers by some pictures which the recipient sent to me by email before. Your flower service is the best way to show care giving and flowers mean a lot. Thanks very much for your great job, thanks, Michael
2007/8/19,  Mar...
Dear Sirs, today your roses which I ordered were received by the lady and she was happily surprised. Thank you very much for your great service! Best,
2007/8/18,  Mic...
Hello Annieflower, great job, recipient is satisfied and happy, I'm satisfied and happy too. Thanks very much, Michael Koehler
2007/8/5,  Max...
I have to compliment Jane for her high standard customer service. She is aware of my situation, her politeness & quick response to my replies(including msn) makes me feel more assured. Though I have given her & company, a tough time getting my sweetheart's full address. But eventually they did a great job! Oh, the flowers! They sure did brighten up my sweetheart's day. Excellent service, AnnieFlower! Regards, Max Tan
2007/8/2,  Sha...
Dear Tina/Jenny, ! Many thanks to your excellent service. It made his day as well as mine. Thank you again! Have a nice day! Regards, sharon
2007/8/2,  Bil...
Annieflower is fast, reliable and pleasant to work with. They provide a convenient and affordable way to share beautiful sentiment with loved ones on the other side of the world. It is so great to know that I can put a big smile on the face of a loved one with just a few clicks. Thank you!! Bill, CA, USA
2007/8/1,  Bil...
I would like to say thanks for your service yesterday. I was very pleased
2007/7/30,  K J...
Thanks for your great, quick delivery. My little sister is so happy. all the best. Kara
2007/7/23,  Sea...
Thanks for the promt delivery of the roses to Ms. Chen. You did a great job saving me as I sent them late. She loved the flowers and said the delivery guy was very nice also. And i realized that i got the address wrong after i sent the payment, but you wonderful people figured out my mistake. Thanks again...great job by all!,Sean
2007/7/21,  Ste...
ok thanks, they are very beautiful...
2007/7/20,  Sha...
Dear Tina, Thanks for your sincerity. My sister received the rose bouquet Annie Flower delivered to her this morning and was very pleased with this make up bouquet. I'm also pleased with your effort for ensuring customer's satisfaction. I'm sure I will continue doing business with you in the future, and wish you continued business success. Sincerely, Sharon
2007/7/19,  Bri...
Thanks for the very prompt service and excellent flowers....
2007/7/7,  ben... from  China
Excellent Services
2007/7/3,  Mr ... from  England
just a quick thank you for delivery the flowers to my wife yesterday - they really cheered her up.i will use you again
2007/6/27,  Ale... from  USA
I just checked with the recipients, they loved the flowers so much, you are doing a very good job, and service.I will use your service once in while, thanks
2007/6/13,  Ben... from  Netherlands
My Wife received the flowers in good order. Thank you very much for your good work. Regards, Ben
2007/6/11,  JOJ... from  United KIngdom
just wanted to let you know that i am very happy with your service,thankyou very much for your prompt service
2007/6/6,  Jes... from  Denmark
Hi AnnieFlower My father just called after he recieved his birthday cake, and he was really surprised. This is the first and probably last time, I need to get anything delivered in China. I'm delighted it went so smoothly, so I want to thank you for an excellent service. Thank you and best regards
2007/6/5,  kam... from  spain
thankyou very much for the notice. your service was good maybe the sendin was a little bit late but it was not your fault, I made the order late. the rest as good thank you. see you next time. sincerely, kwok.
2007/5/21,  Phi... from  france
Many thanks. Excellent service. Very prompt replies. Phil
2007/5/12,  Bur... from  USA
Thanks again for doing an exceptional job ! THe added rose was perfect and the Lilies were beautiful. You even took the time to pick out a nice card with out my help and the flowers were spectacular! Xie Xie ni !
2007/2/14,  Gar... from  UK
No problem they have been delivered thank you very much great service - regards Gary
2007/2/6,  jac... from  USA
judit called me and told me that she recevied de flowers, she is very happy and that makes me very happy, i would like to thank you guys for your good service and efficiency...i will deffinetly contact you when her birthday comes for another delivery... bye
2007/2/3,  Pet... from  United Kingdom
I would like to thank you for a most helpful, courteous and professional service. I will certainly use your service again and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others. Thank you very much. I am very grateful. Kind regards Peter
2007/1/21,  Mic... from  Australia
Hi and thank you so much for delivering the flowers this morning. I was on the phone with her when she recieved the flowers. She loved it and i cant be happier. I appreciate your help and will be using your service from now on. Thank you once again :)
2007/1/3,  Jie... from  U.S.A.
Thank you, and you guys did a great job! To my surprise, the U.S. is just a click-away from China now! My parents really like those flowers and your service! I am surely coming back! Best wishes, Jie

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Ernest Wood: Excellent service2009/5/10 21:16:00
It is almost impossible to send flowers from South Africa to China. but Annieflower has never let me down. They have always delivered on time to the most remote places. I have made use of their quality services for the past two years. Their prices and quality of flowers are competitive and their feedback on progress of the deliveries have been prompt and their customer service outstanding.I heartily reccommend this firm.
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Daphne: Worst Flower Quality Ever2009/10/3 13:41:00
This is worst online order experience I ever had.

The quaulity of the flowers are reallly really really bad. None of the flowers are fresh. And the delivery person used tapes to stick broken stems of flowers together. All flowers are broken and almost dead.

I am requesting a full refund.

Per your website, you stated clearly

Guaranteed satisfaction
Will full refund if there is any disfaction with the quality of products received or quality of service.

Please fulfill the promise
Annieflower Reply: 2009/10/3 14:48:00
So sorry this happened. We have made the full refund and sent a dozen roses bouquet on our cost yesterday - right after we received your request in your order. And, we further investaged this case and found out that local florist used tapes to hold flowers not to make up the broken stems. Anyway this is not allowed - the correct way is to use steel wire to hold flowers rather than tapes. We have punished the local florist by removing it from our qualified florist list - it will never do any of Annieflower orders.

Sorry again. Annieflower.
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Eurico Zimbres: Very good service2010/3/14 2:31:00
Very good and reliable service. The staff is really amable. In just one day they delivered the flowers I sent to my beloved Chinese friend.

Eurico from Brazil
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Chatel Cedric: Thank you, you are the best :)2010/11/9 22:15:00

My little strawberry have received flowers today and she is happy now. Thanks to you and your fast service team :D She was surprised but I'm glad she like it :D

I wish you long life and hope to have as much fun to order from you next time ;)

Merci beaucoup :)
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Chatel Cedric: Excellent service, I love it!2010/12/14 22:06:00
My little strawberry have received her gift for Christmas and she was really happy ;) Thanks at Annie and his excellent service. I was delighted to use your services and I would retry someday. Best regards! Cedric.

Merci beaucoup :)
Annieflower Reply: 2010/12/14 22:29:00
welcome,hope to serve you next time,regards!annieflower
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Maria: 2011/2/10 18:21:00
Dear AnnieFlower,
Thanks a million for the exellent job!
My friend who is now in China didn't really expect to get flowers from her Russian friends and was so happy with this lovely bouquet of roses!!!
I appreciate your reliable service, good communication and quick responce to all of my questions (i tried to comunicate 2 other companies first, but there was no responce), so i never regreted i have chosen AnnieFlower!
Best wishes,
Annieflower Reply: 2011/2/10 20:12:00
welcome,hope to serve you next time,regards!annieflower
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Er Gin Jack: Valentine's Day flowers2011/2/15 0:25:00
Thank you annieflower!

I'm from Singapore and far away from my girlfriend in China.

Your flowers were beautiful and the flower was not delayed at all.

Thank you very much and I will continue to use your services for future purchases to my girlfriend.
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Thomas Mattson: Great Service / Fast Delivery2011/5/20 6:46:00
I placed my order at 7:00 am for same day delivery and appreciate that your representative was available to help so early in the morning. Everything was confirmed is just a few minutes.
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room: Congratulations2011/12/4 20:43:00
Congratulations and thank you I am fully satisfied with your services
your flowers are beautiful and your advisors highly tuned
easy to overcome the difficulties.
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patty tat: Exceptional cusomter service 2012/8/21 10:43:00
Thank you very much Annie Flower.

I am really appriciated your help.
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Pascal: Thank you from France !2012/12/4 6:22:00
Thank you so much AnnieFlower, it was perfect ! On time, and perfect roses, my princess was so happy ! Merci !
3 found this helpful. 3 found this NOT helpful.   Was it helpful to you? 
angus: Excellent Service2013/7/10 11:21:00
Reliable, quick service. Excellent communication, and great, easy to use website. Used from USA, and will use again. Thank you Annieflower for conveying my feelings to Shanghai!!
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Julie: Terrible-Not receive my Valentine's Day flower!! 2014/2/17 19:18:00
The flower never delivered to me on valentine's day! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? And more weird thing is my fiancé received an email saying the order has been delivered. And I went home sad thinking if my fiancé already forgot about it and stop loving me. I was so mad at him before we found out the flower was not delievered. He wanted to surprise me at work but unfortunately I was surprisingly sad and mad! Then I contacted the customer service and it took quite a long time for them to find out the problem and promise to send me again. But this is not the surprise rose for valentine's day! What's the point? They promise to send me chocolate as apology, but never received that. SO GUYS, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO UPSET YOUR GF, FIND SOME OTHER FLORIST.
Annieflower Reply: 2014/2/18 9:34:00
Sorry for this.please provide your order number.
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Jo and Paul: Thank you Anniflower2015/11/29 7:52:00
Just a short note to say that thank you for your reliable delivery, quality products and friendly staff.
We have been using your service since 2008, we are very happy and also the receiver is very happy with your wonderful services. We will continues using your services.

Jo and Paul
Sydney, Australia

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