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Only fresh flower products available on Valentine's Day. Valentine Category
To Big Cites-Flower-Concoction of Love
Concoction of Love
US$ 49.48
To Big Cites-Flower-My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady
US$ 54.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Valentine's Gift
Valentine's Gift
US$ 85.78
To Big Cites-Flower-Good luck new year
Good luck new year
US$ 76.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Love Parade
Love Parade
US$ 42.88
To Big Cites-Flower-Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
US$ 49.48
To Big Cites-Flower-Holiday Cheer Bouquet
Holiday Cheer Bouquet
US$ 54.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Always Prosperous
Always Prosperous
US$ 109.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Mix surprise
Mix surprise
US$ 47.28
To Big Cites-Flower-Classic Love
Classic Love
US$ 32.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Christmas Elegance
Christmas Elegance
US$ 50.58
To Big Cites-Flower-Christmas Gift
Christmas Gift
US$ 65.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Day Brightener
Day Brightener
US$ 32.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Mystical Dreams
Mystical Dreams
US$ 64.88
To Big Cites-Flower-Just different
Just different
US$ 82.48
To Big Cites-Flower-Joyful bouquet
Joyful bouquet
US$ 32.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Congratulation Flower Basket
Congratulation Flower Basket
US$ 164.98
To Big Cites-Flower-Girls are Great!
Girls are Great!
US$ 65.98
To Big Cites > Flower :  Page 1/20  [More>>]

Customer Speak - Lui... from  Mexico
Dear friends Tina, Jenny, Christy and everybody at AnnieFlower: Thank you very much for a magnificent service. I called my girlfriend and she told me about your call. I wish everything in life worked as perfect as you! Best regards, Luis
Customer Speak - Vin...
Thank you very much. The order was perfect and our daughter was so excited. No one in her office had ever received flowers before, so it surprised everyone. Hope you get more orders as a result of fine quality service. The Gibaldi's
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