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      Love letter writting on the bamboo slips

Item ID: an-1384

Each character imprints each affection and move, why don’t you carve or compose your feeling on the bamboo slips, after treasuring them for years, she or he can read them and grasp your minds.

When writting love letters turns easy, the passion of that a letter carries naturally turns superficial, love becomes sth that can be reproducee, missing becomes poor spiritual snack. One who is reading the love letter lights a pine oil lamp with the sound of the rain outside of the door and the sound of bamboo being flipped,it must be a savour of meditating on the past and enjoying the peace

The length of Single Bamboo is 158 mm, the width is 12mm. there are 23 words in a piece of finished bamboo. The total pieses of Bamboo is the number of words divided by 23, the piece of bamboo times 12 is the length and the width is 158mm

Please order 3-5 days in advance at least. Ship from Beijing by courier Mon.-Sat.pls kindly leave us a message of the Bamboo content once you placed an order (800 characters).

USD54.98, 30 pcs


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Donald R Stegall: need to know before ordering2009/8/10 9:09:00
dear annie flowers. I think I would like to order the bamboo love letter for a friend. Can it be inscribed with a poem by Xu Zhimo called good bye to cambridge. It is favorite poem. she translated it to me. And I am not sure how it should read back correctly. also to add that it came from me with birthday wishes.
Annieflower Reply: 2009/8/10 9:29:00
you can scan and email us the translated poem to service@annieflower.com
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Jenny: 从北京送美国2012/2/7 2:27:00
我想要写中英两文的 (我来提供). 能在情人节送到吗

I want to order one that has both English and Chinese. Can you fast deliver to USA New Jersey?
Annieflower Reply: 2012/2/7 8:54:00
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