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Annieflower featured products - premium flowers on shelves

Annieflower featured products - premium flower arrangements are ready!

These products are different in four ways:

1) use only the best quality of best type flowers. The roses are mainly for exportation and beautiful, rare, and precious in China mainland, such as Vendela(Cream), Maria(Pink), Versilia(Peach), Lady Diana(light Pink), Queen's Day(Orange), Carola(Red), etc.

2) use beautiful, rare, and precious fillings and greens, such as Golden Ball, Asclepia, Hypericum, Euphorbia Marginata, Gentiana sino-ornata, Buxus-Arten leaves.

3) luxury packaging and beautiful decoration. The packaging paper, silk, ribbon, and decorating accessories are absolutely beautiful and premium quality, most of them are imported or designed by foreign designer.

4) unique design and arrange by certified flora artists. Annieflowe top flora artists in Beijing design and arrange the flowers, and train the florist of other cities.

Because of the flowers, fillings, packaging material and decorating accessories are rare and it takes time to improve the skills to arrange these preium designs, now only a few big cities offer these products and it need 24 hours notice before delivery.

All the images of these products has a logo . That means the product is Annieflower's featured and premium products and only available in some areas of China. All are available in Beijing, most are available in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and some available in other big cities.

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