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Lisa : birthday wish 2011/9/23 6:35:00
wanted to say happy birthday to my daughter that is Hangzhou. annieflower shop helped make it that more special for her being that far away from home thanks again the flowers were beautiful




PaulCorless: These are to say Sorry 2011/8/1 15:24:00
Ms Yang,
Please accept my apologies for my behaviour in your home.
Thus is totally unacceptable and I am sorry.
baby: 2011/7/12 7:41:00

Roses for my girl :)

Miss you xxx
yk: 2011/5/26 21:49:00
miss you day and night
Ruobing Xia: Happy Birthday and Mother's Day 2011/5/7 10:53:00
Zhou Mama tian tian kai xin, jian kang chang shou!
ALan, Yuanyaun, and Wen wen
Patric: Happy Birthday To My Beloved Wife! 2011/3/17 4:38:00
Darling Yan,

These flowers represent my eternal love for you. Their beauty, while not matching your beauty, symbolize the strength, sincerity and depth of my feelings for you.

They help us celebrate our love though we are so far apart.

Your dear husband,

vsmira: Hanfang 2011/2/28 1:37:00
Happy Birthday
Princess Chu: Happy Birthday 2011/2/8 4:44:00
My sweet princess. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday. All the best birthday wishes I send to thee. They come fromthe heart, they come from me. May all your wishes come true. I wish you another great year in your life. Your prince Michael.
Hollie: love babe 2011/2/7 19:37:00
happy valentine's day, love you forever and deep kiss.
hold the bear just like hold me bb
Hollie: babe 2011/2/7 19:36:00
Happy Valentine's day. love you forever, and deep kiss
Holde the bear just like hold me bb
Boyer Antoine: 生日快乐我的心 2010/9/16 10:28:00
Joyeux anniversaire mon amour.

Je t'aime.

Gros poutous tendresse...

Ton mari
Mushu: Happy Birthday 2010/9/16 10:26:00
little monkey: 2010/9/8 22:32:00
Happy birthday ...
Xiaosu: ףտ֣ 2010/7/16 16:04:00
Anthony: i love you 2010/6/21 7:36:00
Just wanna say i love you..and this is how i could express my love to you.

MAUGET: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! 2010/6/12 6:13:00
Yab: 2010/5/6 19:27:00
Dear Mum ,happy mother's Day ,I miss you very very very much
Randall Taylor: Happy Mothers Day 2010/5/4 21:10:00
Happy Mothers Day! Love Randall
Bei Wang: Happy Birthday To Daddy 2010/4/5 5:02:00
Hello Daddy:
Wish you Happy Birthday, Health and Smile all the time.

Bei and Zhongqi
yakky: 2010/3/7 12:35:00
get well soon
Princess Chu: Happy birthday to my princess Chu 2010/2/9 6:22:00
Happy birthday my dearest princess Chu.
May this be the first of a lifetime of birthdays together.
Your prince Michael.
Amr ELALFY: Mr. 2009/12/28 18:26:00
Merry christmas .. hope that the coming new year comes and bring all success and all happiness to you and all of your families
Amr: Mr 2009/12/28 18:06:00
Merry cristmas ,, hope that the new year comes and bring all the happiness and success to you and all your families
Amr: 2009/12/28 17:54:00
Merry cristmas ,, hope that the new year comes and bring all the happiness and success to you and al your families
George: Happiness and Love for the Christmas Season 2009/12/22 5:57:00
Love and Happiness for the Christmas Season.
Always saa agaapo!!.
Ram Sakal: 2009/11/13 11:44:00
This is to say please forgive me.
I am sorry.

Love you.

Shifu: HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2009/8/27 11:13:00
dear Qianshu

Wish a very nice birthday

Manfred: 2009/8/14 21:33:00
Happy birthday and good luck.
Don't forget washmachine!

Roger Overby: 2009/6/14 17:14:00
Deaer Juan I love you
Roger Overby: Dear Wife 2009/6/14 17:12:00
Dear wife I love you. I want you. I hope we make a baby I hope you write
Geoff: Happy birthday to my Wife 2009/5/22 4:06:00
Happy birthday my dearest Shuxiang. May this be the first of a lifetime of birthdays together.

Wo Ai Ni, Geoff
Geoff: Happy birthday to my Wife 2009/5/22 4:03:00
Happy birthday my dearest Shuxiang. May this be the first of a lifetime of birthdays together.

Wo Ai Ni, Geoff
william g bradbury: Happy birthday to my Wife 2009/5/22 4:01:00
Happy birthday my dearest Shuxiang.
This is the first of a life time of your birthdays we will be together.

Wo Ai Ni, Geoff
ϼ: ĸ׽ڿ 2009/5/9 11:45:00
䣬 лл㣬 ףĸ׽ڿ֣
Koike: For my lover 2009/5/1 18:01:00
Have a good time,I will be there waiting for you .
David : To my Chinese family 2009/5/1 18:00:00
Happy New Year to all of my Dearest family.I love every boday .
Joe: For My love 2009/5/1 17:58:00
Marry Christmas Day ,I love you ,Can't wait for next week to see you.
DANIEL: Happy mother's Day 2009/5/1 17:55:00
Mom ,happy mother's Day ,I miss you very very very much.
JOY: To my love sister 2009/5/1 17:54:00
Dear sister
My blessing, congratulations and good wishes. I wish
Roger Overby: I love my wife 2009/5/1 10:36:00
Dear I love you. I stood with you to marry you. I miss you and love you very much. Please dear, I need you
Roger Overby: 2009/5/1 10:33:00
Dear, I love you very much and need very much your love. I stood with you and your family to love you as my wife. I also need your love dear. I am your husband and love you
Roger Overby: For my wife Juan 2009/5/1 10:31:00
Dear I stood with you and in front of your family to marry you. I love you so very much and hope for you to be my wife here with. I am distressed because I love you so much. I am your husband and am trying to help you very much.
your husband Roger
Sharon: I love you Mummy and Daddy! 2009/5/1 10:19:00
Mummy and Daddy! Happy every day ! LOVE
Roger Overby: I love my wife 2009/4/30 11:20:00
Dear I miss talking to you. I love you. I hope you will write to me and still love me. I am your husband.
Bill: Happy Birthday, Jimmy! 2009/4/30 1:03:00
William F. Kalson III: Deeply Sorry 2009/4/29 8:39:00
You are the most treasured person in my life. I care for no one else, but you. You shine like the sun, and twinkle like the stars in heaven. I am sorry, I have done wrong and mades so many more mistakes. I am deeply sorry, for not fulfilling the roles of a husband as well as I should have been. I love you with all my heart.
Butch Carter: I Miss you 2009/4/25 21:59:00
My Dearest Ying, I hope you will love me forever..
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